About This Blog

mango post on December 16th, 2012

Hi, this blog was created to encourage learning and sharing of intraday forex trading, make friends and beat boredom.

There are heaps of helpful information on trading intra day forex on the internet, (and tonnes more of self interested verbose and marketing crap). But it is less common to find purposeful and comprehensive guidance on how to employ useful information when we chance upon them. Hence in grievance, many traders misunderstand and misapply important intra day trading principles.

What is applying the right principle?

I remember on one occasion when a trader shorted an instrument and his friend (yours truly) longed the same instrument.  The daily chart was showing a hammer with a long tail formation, bouncing off support. We investigated the same price action. However our strategies focused on different timeframes and investor sentiments. We entered and exited based on different principles – both profitably.

You can correspond with me at victan@littledada.com